What Makes Bath Towels Great?

What Makes Bath Towels Great?

Bath towels are a must-have for every house. They are one of the most useful and comfortable towels in a bathroom. They are the most absorbent towels that you can use after a bath or shower. So when it comes to a crucial item like this, you want to purchase a great one.

To help you get the best bath towel, we made a list that explains what makes bath towels great. Enjoy.


1. The Material

Cotton flower on a white bath towelThere are a lot of different materials that can be used for towels. Sometimes two of them are used in the same towel to create a blend with the purpose of using two different qualities of the materials.

However, the safest and best choice is 100% cotton towels. Cotton is by-far the softest and most absorbent material that can be used when producing towels. That is why it is the most preferred bath towel material around the globe.

Egyptian, Supima, and Turkish cotton are the best of the best when it comes to cotton. They are highly regarded in textile production in general. So when browsing for bath towels, it is best to try and find one of these premium cottons for your towel.


2. The Look

Detailed texture of stacked towelsWhen buying towel bales, you should check the fine details of the towel. The texture, the fibers, and the stitches are all important details that show the towel’s greatness, quality, and useful life.

The softness of the texture and fibers can get better or worse depending on the quality of the material and production. The stitches on the sides are more important when it comes to production quality. While you can understand material quality from the texture and fibers, you can understand the production quality from the properly folded and securely stitched sides.


3. The Weight Stacked towels on a table

The weight of bath towels is measured with a term called GSM. The term stands for grams per square meter. When categorized according to GSM, towels are usually separated into 3 groups: lightweight, mediumweight, and heavyweight towels. Lightweight towels are around 300–400 GSM, mediumweight ones are around 400-600 GSM, and heavyweight ones are around 600-900 GSM.

As the GSM count goes higher, the absorbency and the softness of the towel also increase with the weight itself. While it is a personal preference, most people prefer towels with a GSM of between 400 and 600.


These are the basics that you are going to need to know what makes bath towels great. If you wish to find a great bath towel, you don’t have to look farther than Homelover.



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