Alternative Daily Uses of Towels

Alternative Daily Uses of Towels

Since the beginning of time, old or unwanted organic towels have been discarded without a second thought. When you need to clean up a mess, people recycle towels as clean-up rags. This way, you just used them and tossed them in the trash.

But when you think about it, there are many different ways to find alternative uses of towels.

Here are some DIY (Do It Yourself) projects and alternative daily uses of towels.

1. As cleaning rags

A woman holding a cleaning rag and glass cleanerUsing old or unwanted towel bales as cleaning rags has been one of the uses of towels that has been used for years. Bath Towels are great at cleaning up messes and spills. They can also be used to clean your car or get rid of paint stains. Their uses as cleaning rags are too numerous to count. 

You can both save money and help the environment by using the bath towels that you no longer intend to use for their main purpose as cleaning rags.

2. As DIY blankets

A blanket that lies on grassAnother one of the uses of towels that has been around for a while is DIY blankets. If you have towels that are still in good shape, you can sew them together to form a blanket. You can use it while sleeping, give it to your kids to make forts or use as a playmat, or use it as a bed for your pet animals. 

They are also ideal to use at the beach as a big beach towel or as a picnic blanket.

3. As bibs

Baby shoes, bib and teether on blue background. If you have a baby, you might be familiar with the importance of bibs when taking care of a baby. It gets quite expensive to replace it after a while. You can prevent this by making your own bibs from old or unwanted organic towels.

For this DIY bib, all you have to do is just cut the sides of the towel and then hem those sides. And you got yourself a bib. The texture and material of towels are great for bibs. With these bibs, you can clean up any mess your baby makes.

4. As washcloths

By cutting and sewing back together your bath towels, you can have tiny new towels that you can use as washcloths. You can also make a soup pouch with an old towel that you no longer wish to use. 

When doing either of these, make sure to stitch the sides, as they might fray if they are not properly stitched after using them for a while. Using bath towels as washcloth is among the uses of bath towels that are seen quite often.

5. As Hooded Towels

Hooded bath towels are one of the favorites of babies and kids. They are both functional and fun. And all you need is just a tiny bit of sewing skill. Making hooded towels yourself will surely help the environment and your wallet.

By making them yourself, you can also have much softer and fluffier towels that your toddlers will surely adore.

6. As Dish Towels

Kitchen Towels that have been used for a while are quite a bit more absorbent than ones that are brand new. You can always cut your old, unused, or unwanted towels to make dish towels to use in the kitchen. Make sure to hem the edges of your towel after you resize them.

7. Donate to the Animal Shelter

A great option among the uses of towels that are no longer desirable is to donate them to an animal shelter near you. They are used as bedding for animals, and sometimes they are given a bath.

While this might not exactly count as a daily use, it is a great way to reuse your organic towels while also helping the animals and people at the shelter.

8. As Mop Pads

If you have a mop that needs replacing, you can always just cut it and use the pieces as mop pads. Replacing a mop pad can be quite pricey in the long run. 

We have gathered most frequently implemented uses of towels above. But you shouldn’t be limited by the options above. The spirit of DIY depends on your creativity. If you want to read more about towels, check out our blog.



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