4 After Shower Care Advices

4 After Shower Care Advices

When you think of personal care, the first thing that comes to mind is taking a shower. The shower, which provides not only physical but also mental relaxation, can have a therapeutic effect and this can be improved with after shower care.

So, do you want your pleasure to continue after a great shower? As Homelover, we have prepared special after shower care advice for those who want to continue their pleasure after the shower.


The First Contact of Your Clean Skin with a Bath Towel

The First Contact of Your Clean Skin with a TowelThink back to that first moment you stepped out of the shower with a wonderful sense of relief. How does the foot towel make you feel when your feet touch the ground? Stepping on a soft, high-quality bath mat is the first step in maintaining your comfort, as after shower care begins with your first step out of the shower. 

When you get out of the shower, stepping onto a soft, absorbent, and clean bath mat will make you feel good. In addition, high water absorption and soft bath mats are also important for your foot health. Health problems may occur on your feet if they do not dry well after a shower.


Meeting with a Bath Towel or Bathrobe

Meeting with a Bath Towel or BathrobeAfter the shower, do you prefer a bathrobe or a bath towel? If you care a lot about your comfort and if the shower and after-shower is a ritual of pleasure for you, we think that your choice will be a bathrobe. 

Bathrobes are generally very popular, especially in the winter months, as they keep you warm and provide the opportunity to spend time in the house with a bathrobe, making them a great part of your after shower care and general comfort. Towels can also be more advantageous, especially in summer. 

At this point, regardless of your preference for bath towels or bathrobes, our advice is to always choose high-quality, fast-drying, and highly absorbent products. Thus, you can maintain the wonderful effect of the shower for a long time.


Now it’s Hair’s Turn

Now it's Hair's TurnWhen you think of after shower care, one of the main things that comes to mind is hair care. After the bath, it is necessary to dry your fragrant hair with a towel and wait for a while for your towel to absorb the wetness of your hair. Towel hair caps wrap your hair with their soft structure and absorb the wetness faster. You can now say goodbye to your hair towel that is constantly falling out of your hair because the towel hair caps completely wrap your head with their buttoned structure.

Using a conditioner suitable for your hair type during the shower makes it extremely easy to comb your hair after the shower. But, just in case, be gentle when combing your hair. If your hair is difficult to comb, you can also use hair care sprays. We recommend that you dry your hair at a temperature that is not too high after combing.


Relaxation with Skin Care

If you suffer from dead cells or blackheads, you can exfoliate your skin after a shower. Skin care is a crucial part of after shower care, because your pores are opened during the bath, peeling will be much more effective than at normal times. You can also apply a mask after peeling. If you have a problem such as acne or sensitivity on your skin, the mask will be good for these problems and will help your skin relax.

If you take a shower with hot water while bathing, your skin will lose moisture. You can use a moisturizer suitable for your skin structure to prevent dryness and itching on your skin.

Remember that not only your face but also your body needs post-bath care. After the bath, you can relax your body by massaging with special oils. We recommend that you do not neglect to moisturize your body with a moisturizer suitable for your skin type after the massage.

As we mentioned in our article, towels have a big place in after shower care. If you are looking for organic, high-quality, and soft towels, check out our selection of colorful towels.



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